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Product >> Rotor Blade of wind turbine

  Product Information Technical Parameters

Blades Of Wind Turbine
Wind turbine blades are Aerosa Composites CO., Ltd.’ dominant products. Aerosa has imported the advanced technical and key equipment from Denmark, combined with Aerosa’s skilled manufacture technology and superiority in aerodynamics and adopted integrated software design and the best advanced process of VARTM.

Along with know-how in advanced composites, we always dedicated in designing and manufacturing rotor blades and nacelles of wind turbines. Aerosa can finish the whole blades manufacture system including design, aerodynamics, mould engineer,structure, material, process, experiment, and test. In manufacture processes, Aerosa performs the imported process standard and ISO9000 standard to ensure the excellent quality.

Blade adopts the advanced airfoil such as DU、NACA63、FFA-Wx-xxx、S8xx in the world. They have more advantages: lift coefficient can reach 1.6, the ratio of lift/drag can reach over 100, it is very large, the range of attack angle is also very large.

All of the products designed by the advanced airfoil theory are manufactured by composites (FRP or GRP), so they have excellent high efficient, anticorrosion, high intension.

Our faith is providing high-quality products at a low cost, to enhance the value of our clients' products. We have set up long-term steady cooperative relationship with many enterprises who producing whole wind turbine system.

Products and Service 

1. Blades

Aerosa can provide the whole sets of blades, whose length from 1 meters to 29 meters, rated output from 300w to 1200Kw.
Furthermore, according to the requirement of customers, Aerosa can design and manufacture the blades with different power and in different wind conditions.

2. Blades Repairing, Replacing and Maintenance

   After mastered blades repair and replace technology, Aerosa has repaired or replaced hundreds of blades for several wind power plants in china. At the same time, Aerosa has accumulated a lot of practice experience. Now Aerosa can repair or replace all kinds of blades in time. It is very reliable and economic.


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