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Product >> 600KW AND 750KW BLADE TIP

     We are at most advance level in blade tip brake, we have full experience, a group of experienced engineers and skilled workers.
     The blade tips of 600Kw and 750Kw is one of our key products. Because the blade tips produced at the early period can not run for long time, our engineers solved the problem by carefully study. We imported manufacture technology and key equipment from Denmark. Now the blade tips have exported to more than 20 country, replaced thousands of blade tips.
     We have developed many kinds of blade tips for different wind turbines, including Goldwind 600kw, Goldwind 750kw, windy 750Kw, Huayi780kw etc blade tip, and LM19.1、LM21.0、LM23.2、 LM23.3、LM23.5、 LM25.5、LM26.1 blade tip. They can take place of old blade tip, the output performance keep the same.




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